Lady Gaga Maria Aragon Duet "Born This Way" Toronto Concert (Video)

Lady Gaga and Maria Aragon, the 10 year-old Canadian singer and Youtube sensation, performed a powerful acoustic duet of "Born This Way" at The Monster Ball Tour concert in Toronto on March 3rd!

In February, a video of Maria covering "Born This Way" was posted on Youtube and it drew the attention of Gaga in a short time. She was moved by her performance and retweeted a link to the video to her eight million followers, causing a sensation and launching Maria to instant, international fame. And then Gaga invited Maria to join her performing the song together at her Toronto concert in March.

"I'm really excited Maria is here today because Maria represents what this song is all about. It's all about the next generation of the future", Gaga said before the two started singing during the concert.

Check out the video of the duet below: Maria sit on Gaga's lap, playing piano and Lady Gaga working the pedals.

Lady Gaga and Maria Aragon Duet "Born This Way" Toronto Concert 2011

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