LeAnn Rimes Is Engaged to Eddie Cibrian

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are officially engaged to get married!

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian picture. (Photo by Jacob Andrzejczak/Getty Images for MGM Resorts International)

"Eddie [Cibrian] and I got engaged over the holidays. That's the news. It's for real this time and the first time EVER!" the 28-year-old singer confirmed her engagement via Twitter on Monday.

"It was nice to have our little secret for us our families and friend’s a few days! So excited to now share the wonderful news with our fans. Thank you for all your well wishes!!" Rimes Tweeted, "We are extremely excited and look forward to a beautiful future. It’s been an incredible last few days, I was shocked!!! We are blessed, our families are so happy and our lives are filled with love."

LeAnn Rimes controversially began dating her Northern Lights co-star Eddie Cibrian last year while she was still married to backup dancer Dean Sheremet. Cibrian, 37, who has two children with ex Brandi Glanville, was still married at the time. The actor left his wife for Rimes and filed for divorce in 2009 after eight years of marriage.

Congrats to the newly-engaged couple Rimes and Cibrian!

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