David & Victoria Beckham Moving To New York City?

David & Victoria Beckham and their three boys, who are currently live in Los Angeles, are planning to make a move to New York City and it’s all due to Victoria’s quickly-expanding fashion empire, according to Now! magazine.

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham picture.(Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images)

"My work is so important to me and LA just isn’t a real fashion city," fashion designer Victoria reportedly told a friend.

"Her friendship group in LA has disbanded and David was traveling a lot more than she’d anticipated and so was she. It just seemed to make sense for her to be based in fashion capital New York. It’s closer to London and Europe for her business meetings." said the source.

However, the family will keep their Beverly Hills home because David is still under contract with LA Galaxy.

"David’s used to flying a lot but this will be the first time he’s been permanently based so far from his team. If he has a few games in a row, he’ll stay in Los Angeles." the source added.

"This isn’t a decision they’ve come to lightly. They still like LA and have no plans to sell their home there but being based in Hollywood doesn’t appeal to them anymore and they feel it’s time for a change."

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