Seal "Secret" Music Video

Seal has released a new music video for his latest song, Secret, the first single from his upcoming album, Seal 6: Commitment, which will be available on September 28th.
Seal and Heidi Klum with their kids pictured vacationing in St. Tropez.

The track 'Secret' is a beautiful ballad which is about the huge parts of Seal’s life, including love, family, and being committed to both.

"Everything about my life is fully committed," the singer said, "I've never felt more focused on the matter at hand: My wife [Heidi Klum], my children, the family in general, my own well-being and, of course, music and my career. Each one of these songs has personal meaning for me. I dug very deep and all I can hope for is that the music strikes a chord with people."

Check out the Seal's "Secret" music video below:

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