Kim Kardashian’s a Wonder Woman!

Kim Kardashian’s a Wonder Woman! Browsing on, I ran across this photo showing Hollywood stunner Kim Kardashian in a Wonder Woman costume!

26075, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Wednesday October 7 2009. FILE PHOTO DATED Thursday October 30 2008. CELEBRITY TRICK OR TREATERS: Wonder Woman Kim Kardashian hosts her own Halloween party at Stone Rose in LA. Photograph: ©Josephine Santos,

Apparently,  Kim Kardashian, who gained (in)famous fame from the leaked intimate video with ex boyfriend R Jay, was then hosting her own Halloween party at Stone Rose in LA in October, 2008.

FYI, publisher DC Comics recently made a radical outfits makeover for superheroine Wonder Woman in issue 600 of the comic book series. Wonder Woman’s costume was changed from the red and yellow bustier and the star-spangled briefs (see above the ones Kim wore) to a blue motorcycle jacket, gold bullet-deflecting gauntlets and skintight pants.

New Wonder Woman (Picture Credit: DC Comics)

"In her more modern costume, Wonder Woman (a.k.a. Diana Prince, a.k.a. Lynda Carter) looks like a glamorous athlete instead of an unusually muscular Miss America who happens to fight crime. The sleek lines of the new wonder pants evoke sci-fi warrior agility, while the cropped jacket -- with its studded epaulettes -- adds rock star, Balmain flash." Robin Givhan, Washington Post’s Pulitzer-winning fashion writer, wrote in her article.

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