Carrie Prejean Is Kyle Boller WIFE!

Carrie Prejean Is Kyle Boller Wife. Can’t be wrong! Carrie Prejean became Kyle Boller’s wife on Friday.

Carrie Prejean Photo by Flickr user Jsr00001
Carrie Prejean: Former Miss California (Photo credit: Jsr00001/Flickr, CC-BY 2.0 License)

Gossips consumers ain't unfamiliar with Carrie Prejean! Last year, she hit the entertainment news headlines numerous times for ‘marriage should be between a man and a woman’ comment at 2009 Miss USA pageant, racy photos, dethronement of Miss California, breasts augmentation plastic surgery and sex videos.

During such a tumultuous year, Carrie Prejean met Oakland Raiders quarterback Kyle Boller. It turned out Boller was a true Mr. Right for Prejean.

Oakland Raiders quarterback Kyle Boller photo by Keith Allison
Carrie Prejean husband: Oakland Raiders quarterback Kyle Boller (Picture credit: Keith Allison/Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0 License)

Four months after Carrie Prejean, 23, and Kyle Boller, 29, engaged, they officially married as wife and husband on July 2 in San Diego.

From what the media reported, it sound Prejean and Boller had a very nice wedding. They wed at Capella Church inside the Grand Del Mar hotel, with the bride wearing a one-shoulder mermaid style gown and groom donning a traditional black tux. They left the reception in a Rolls Royce luxury car.

Can’t feel happier for Carrie Prejean, who finally can rely on a man named Kyle Boller during the time when she needs him most. Congrats!

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