Zizie Ezette: Bung Moktar Radin Wife No. 2

Malaysia Actress Zizie Ezette Photo
Zizie Ezette credit: CuteCarry.Wordpress.com

Zizie Ezette, 31, is a Malaysian actress. Zizie Ezette has recently married to Bung Moktar Radin, a lawmaker from Malaysia's Sabah State, being his second wife after Nor Asidah Alimuddin. Bung Moktar, a 50-year-old father of four children aged from 2 to 17 yrs, is a Muslim. It's legal for him to marry with Ezette, also a Muslim, in Malaysia where Islam is the state religion.

Bung Moktar Radin, a Malaysia's political bad mouth (watch video)

When the rumor said they were married last week, Bung Mokta, a controversial assemblyman for his racist remarks in the Malaysian parliarment, initially denied but had since acknowleged his new marriage. For Zizie Ezette, she was still somewhat not comfortable to make a confirm, saying the men she had dated before were all bachelors.

Zizie Ezette Bung Moktar Picture
Zizie Ezette Bung Moktar "Yes, We're...Married" Picture by NST

“Please understand that I am in a difficult situation. I have to take care of the feelings of many parties. InsyaAllah, I promise I will elaborate more on the matter when the time is right." She told to the Star newspaper.

Below are three more pictures of Zizie Ezette a bit cozy with a Jay-z lookalike man
Zizie Ezette with her male friend Pictures@ Zimbio.com

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