Michael Jackson Nanny Grace Rwaramba Was Michael Jackson Secret Girlfriend (Pictures)

Michael Jackson and nanny Grace Rwaramba Pictures, Images and Photos
Michael Jackson and nanny Grace Rwaramba picture via Photobucket

Michael Jackson had a long-time “secret girlfriend” whom he loved and adored but kept hidden from the world, MJ’s former bodyguard Matt Fiddes spilled the beans last week, but refused to name her, saying "it's up to her if she wants it to come out or the family to speak about this very private information”.

Now the mystery woman has been identified as his children’s nanny, Grace Rwaramba.

Grace, the Ugandan-born 42-year-old, started as the Michael Jackson’s assistant in 1991 but became his children's nanny later. The couple fell in love as time went on. The romance between the king of pop and Grace was reportedly an open secret among Jackson’s staff.

"Grace loved Michael and he loved her. The kids called her ‘Mom’." Ian Barkley, Michael’s personal photographer for three years, was quoted as saying.

Nanny Grace Rwaramba with children Pictures, Images and Photos
Nanny Grace Rwaramba with MJ’s children photo via

Another Michael’s bodyguard told Mirror that “Matt was referring to Grace. They were more like a married couple than employer and employee. Grace was the closest person to Michael and the kids. She will be broken-hearted. The children were always their first priority and like any couple they would row if they disagreed about how they were being brought up. But the difference between Grace and the other women in Michael's life was that she had absolutely no interest in fame.”

"It was something she actively avoided and Michael was determined to keep her and their relationship out of the public gaze. The romance was well known among staff but it was made very clear to them that this was not something that should be part of the public domain." he added.

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