Kim kardashian Twilight Vampire Look (Picture)

kim kardashian Twilight Vampire Picture
Kim Kardashian changed her look to the Twilight vampire recently.

Kim Kardashian posted this picture on her official website on Wednesday. The reality star looked mysterious with the pale skin and dark makeup. Even interesting, her eyebrows were hidden with an eyebrow concealing wax. Kim said the makeover was inspired by Prada's fall 2009 runway show.

"Since vampires are all the rage right now, Troy Jensen and I thought it would be cool to try out a more gothic, almost sinister look! This look was inspired by Prada's fall 2009 runway show and it is so unlike anything I've ever done! And no, I didn't actually get rid of my eyebrows, haha. Troy used an eyebrow concealing wax to hide them! Pretty creepy, right? I call this my Twilight look! What do you think?” 

Frankly speaking, Kim kardashian has been changed so much that I can hardly recognize her.

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