Thai Rath David Carradine Hanging Photo Outrage

ThaiRath David Carradine Hanging Photo Outrage

Thai tabloid Rath published 1970s' Kung Fu star David Carradine hanging photo at the newspaper's front page. Understandably, Thai Rath’s unethical move has outraged Caradine’s family

A tabloid newspaper [Thai Rath] in Thailand published the photo Saturday, shadowing much of the body, but still showing explicit details of the death scene.

Attorney Mark Geragos represents David’s brother Keith Carradine and he told exclusively: “The family is outraged about the release of these photos.”

He added that he will legally go after any publication for invasion of privacy and emotional distress if the photos are run in the United States.

I think, Caradine’s family should sue Thai Rath. As David’s death picture has surfaced, it’s hard for anyone to fight for the elimination from the whole internet, just like Porsche Girl’s case.

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