Michael Jackson Classic Performances (Videos)

Michael Jackson is dead, but the legendary musician will live forever in our hearts!

I’ll never forget his superb singing voice, amazing dancing skills, and his captivating charm on-stage. 

Jackson, you were and always will be the king of pop!

Here are several must-see videos of Michael Jackson's most unforgettable performances.

--Michael Jackson Motown 25 Performance in 1984

--Michael Jackson performing Thriller on a special show in 1987.

--Michael Jackson Peforms The Way You Make Me Feel & Man In The Mirror in 1988 Grammy Awards

--Michael Jackson Dangerous in 1992

--Michael Jackson on the superbowl XXVII in 1993, singing and dancing a medley that included Jam, Billie Jean, Black or White and Heal the World.

-- Michael Jackson Scream, his duet with sister Janet Jackson during the history world tour in 1997.

-- Michael Jackson and Britney Spears singing The way you make me feel at "Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Celebration" 2001.

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