Michael Jackson 911 Call Listen (Audio)

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Michael Jackson 911 Call was released.

The emergency call was made by a man caller at 12:21 p.m. Thursday from Jackson’s Los Angeles home.

The caller, who didn’t reveal Jackson’s name on the call, told the dispatcher that the king of pop was already breathless and had no pulse. He even was not responding to CPR.

"We have a gentleman here who needs help….He's not breathing, , and we're trying to pump him…He’s not conscious….I need an ambulance as soon as possible”

"We have a personal doctor [Dr. Conrad Murray] here with him, sir, but he's not responding to anything…He's not responding to CPR or anything."

The called also said Jackson’s personal physician who reportedly lived at the home was only the witness on scene.

"The doctor has been the only one here."

Listen to the Michael Jackson 911 call audio here.

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