Lindsay Lohan Engaged Samantha Ronson? Lindsay Lohan Engagement Ring Sparked Wedding Rumours (Photo)

Lindsay Lohan engagement finger ring photo

Lindsay Lohan and her DJ girlfriend Samantha Ronson got Engaged?

Lindsay Lohan, who visited London last week, was seen spending night together with Samantha Ronson in the past weekend. The two were photographed checking in at Heathrow airport as they flied to Los Angeles yesterday afternoon. More than that, the 22-year-old actress was spotted wearing a ring on the engagement finger of her left hand (see photo above).

According to Dailymail, LiLo also has hinted she had an announcement to make on her Twitter page with the words “Leaving London but with my favourite favourite!!!-travel buddy&great news to share!! Maybe.... ;)”. Is Lindsay Lohan to announce the engagement? We hope so!

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