Harvii: Megan Fox Snubbed “Rose Boy” Found After A $5,000 Reward Notice Issued

Megan Fox Snubbed Rose Boy Harvii picture

"Rose Boy”, who was snubbed by Megan Fox at the London premiere of Transformers, has been identifid - he is a 11-year-old schoolboy. His real name is Harvii. And he is living in south-west London, UK, according to reports.

Kim Falardeau, who originally found Harvii, is a 20-year-old Canadian woman. She tracked him down via Facebook after hearing that his name was Harvii through a comment. And luckily, she won the $5,000 prize set by Kodak.

"When the picture came out last week, someone posted as a comment, saying: ‘I think his name is Harvii’, since the pictures were taken in London, I did a search for people named Harvii in London on Facebook, and found him”. Kim told Net News Daily.

Harvii and his family have been offered a trip to Los Angeles to meet Megan Fox.

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