Harrison Ford Named Hollywood’s Highest Earning Actor (2008-2009)

Harrison Ford photo

Harrison Ford, 66, has been named Hollywood’s highest earning actor by Forbes magazine, having grossed over $64.95 in the last 12 months for his role in Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (the fourth film in the Indiana Jones series).

Adam Sandler ranked second with $55 million, thanks to the success of You Don't Mess With The Zohan and Bedtime Stories and Funny People

Will Smith placed third on the list, having earned $45 million thanks to movies Hancock and Seven Pounds.

Below is the Forbes list of Hollywood’s Top-Earning Actors top 10:

1. Harrison Ford: $65 million
2. Adam Sandler: $55 million
3. Will Smith: $45 million
4. Eddie Murphy: $40 million
5. Nicolas Cage: $40 million
6. Tom Hanks: $35 million
7. Tom Cruise: $30 million
8. Jim Carrey: $28 million
9. Brad Pitt: $28 million
10. Johnny Depp: $27 million

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