Will Susan Boyle Win Britain’s Got Talent 2009? (Pictures & Videos)

Susan Boyle May 24 Semi Final Picture Susan Boyle May 24 Semi Final Pic

Britain’s Got Talent 2009 is just like a one-person show for Susan Boyle.

At the semi-final of British’s reality show on May 24, Susan Boyle, whose Youtube videos attracted nearly 100 million total hits, easily became a finalist for the show’s finale on Saturday (May 30) with her soaring voice by performing Memory from the Broadway musical Cats.

Will Susan Boyle Win Britain’s Got Talent?  Mashable.com cautioned:

Susan successfully got through to the finals after tonight’s semi-final performance, but as we learned with Adam Lambert on American Idol, huge internet buzz doesn’t always mean you’ll be the contest’s eventual winner.

It forces us to consider, too, that despite social media’s many admirable achievements in extending democracy and its threat to autocratic regimes, not all of its uses are quite as high minded.

Anyway, the 48-year-old Scottish singer definitely deserves our blessings.  Good luck, Boyle!

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