Tiffany Toribio Suffocated Son Tyrus Toribio, Arrested On Murder Charge (Picture & Video)!

Tiffany Toribio Picture

Here is a picture of Tiffany Toribio who was mom of dead boy Tyrus Toribio. Tiffany Toribio, from Albuquerque of New Mexico, now is a murder suspect who was charged for first-degree murder and abuse of a child resulting in death. Tiffany was arrested on Thursday morning for allegedly burying her 3-year-old son Tyrus Toribio in the playground at Alvarado Park near San Mateo Boulevard in Albuquerque on May 13. The 23-year-old woman had confessed to the police she suffocated him (not once but twice) while he was asleep. Tiffany Toribio, what a cruel mother! Link

Video: Tiffany Toribio Arrest News Report

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