Mr. ZZee Hoopz Tape Broker Broking Nikki Alexander Video

Mr ZZEE Hoopz tape picture

Mr. ZZee Who? According to, Mr. ZZEE is an infamous celebrity $ex tape broker. It is said he is the mystery man behind several best selling celebrity $ex tapes. But so far,  Mr. Zee has not disclosed his true identity. Since yesterday, he is broking a new video--Hoopz tape. Hoopz tape is a homemade video of female celeb Hoopz, aka Nikki Alexander, of VH1 reality shows Flavor of Love and I Love Money fame. The picture above is a screen grab from the preview video on zShare, you can click this link to watch or download. The full video reportedly will be available for online pay-per-view and on DVD. re-posted four Mr. Zzee’s Hoopz tape promo pictures first leaked on

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