Dr. Hayden Kho Is Dr. Vicki Belo's Boyfriend (Pictures)

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Meet Dr. Hayden Kho, the boyfriend of Dr. Vicki Belo who is a famed cosmetic doctor and businesswoman in Philippine. 

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Dr. Hayden Kho, is 28 years old, while Dr. Vicki Belo, aka Dra. Vicki Belo is 50. The unlikely couple is a much-talked-about topic in Philippine.

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Dr. Hayden Kho, full name Hayden de la Santa Kho, was born to a wealthy family in Manila on May 20, 1980. Kho’s father is a Chinese who is a doctor and mother is a Spanish-Filipina mother businesswoman.

Dr Hayden Kho Dr Vicki Belo Picture

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Hayden Kho graduated from the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery in 2005. He became a licensed doctor after passing a licensure examination in February, 2007.

Dr. Hayden Kho and Dr. Vicki Belo may have hooked up when he worked as a medical practitioner at her Belo Medical Group after graduation. Then they were so much so in love:

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Lovers Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho Jr. can both attest to that. Both beauty doctors and both in love, the twosome seemed to be the perfect match. Well, at least before the world got to take a peek into their birth certificates. Eyebrows raised and heads turned the wrong way when they found out that the celebrity doctor was dating a guy 22 years her junior. […]

Despite the controversies that surround them, Vicki seems content with the haven she found in Hayden. According to her, Hayden is the most mature, sensible, and talented man she has ever met. Vicki also confessed that he has fulfilled all three things that she has always wished a man would do for her. “First, he already cooked for me. Second, he serenaded me — every week on national TV,” she explains. As for the third one, the couple blushingly kept it a secret. 

Quotes from an Q&A of Dr. Hayden Kho

What’s the first thing that you do when you wake up?
“Call Vicki!”

Your love life?

Your sex life?
“Out of this world! Never been this good!”

Any favorite hideaway or city?
“My favorite hideaway is Tagaytay. I used to go there alone. But now, with Vicki. My favorite city is Paris. It’s very romantic.”


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The problem was they had no plans to tie the knot:

No matter how happy they are with their three-year-long relationship, the couple admits that wedding bells won’t be ringing anytime soon for them. Vicki, who was once married to businessman Atom Henares, says that marriage has a tendency to complicate things. Hayden has no problem with such hesitation, claiming that he’s happy with anything, as long as it’s with Vicki.

So it’s not surprised that Hayden Kho was not such a guy of the sole fidelity. After competing on the reality show Celebrity Duets, Hayden had a relationship with starlet  Katrina Halili to whom we will later attribute to another full post. This caused Dr. Vicki Belo decided to break up with Hayden Kho who later had flirts with other celebrities.

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Nowadays Hayden Kho is labelled as a devil in Philippine after the secret videos of him with those young celebs were leaked and wildly watched by the Filipino. But there is still one person loves Hayden Kho, she is Dr. Vicki Belo. Because she believed those ladies stole her boyfriend and she needed to learn a lesson.

Belo on Monday said that the only lesson to be learned from the Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili s-- video scandal is to not steal another person's boyfriends.

"I keep trying to see the purpose behind this, and for women to realize that they have to be careful, and for women to realize that if somebody has a girlfriend, you shouldn't go in there and steal him," Belo said in an interview aired over GMA’s Unang Balita.

Belo’s son, Quark Henares, confirmed that the two are back together despite the controversies brought about by the s-- videos. Henares, and her sister Cristall, are flying to Europe for a ‘much-needed’ vacation with their mom.

Best Wishes for them!

(Dr. Hayden Kho, Dr. Vicki Belo Photo Collected from the Internet)

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