Domenico Cozzolino, Noemi Letizia's Boyfriend (Pictures)

Noemi Letizia, boyfriend Domenico Cozzolino Picture
Noemi Letizia boyfriend Domenico Cozzolino Photo
Domenico Cozzolino & Neomi Letizia

Meet Domenico Cozzolino, the boyfriend of Noemi Letizia who is at the center of a potential scandal that could damage the image of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Domenico Cozzolino is Noemi Letizia’s boyfriend of slightly more one month so far.

Noemi Letizia received a gold and diamond necklace from Silvio Berlusconi when he attended her 18th birthday party in April. Days later when the news broke out, Berlusconi’s wife Veronica Lario first condemned her husband of nearly 20 years and decided to seek a divorce, and Letizia was believed to be a key factor.

Naturally, the media began alleging Berlusconi of having an inappropriate relationship with Letizia. Berlusconi denied any such allegation or any wrong-doing until today.

In middle of May, Silvio Berlusconi-owned Chi magazine published Domenico Cozzolino and Noemi Letizia’s kissing photos, a move wildly deemed as in order to demonstrate that the 72-year-old is not in the alleged inappropriate relationship with Letizia since she has a boyfriend.

Because we don’t know the Italian language, we could not provide more details about Domenico Cozzolino who is 21 years old. It seemed Cozzolino revealed in a recent interview he is planning to appear in a reality show.

Domenico Cozzolino Noemi Letizia Pictures TimesOnline, Reality&Show

Update: Noemi Letizia has dumped Domenico Cozzolino because she accused him of bagging in money for her relationship with Berlusconi. From Croatian Times

The 18-year-old model who sparked Silvio Berlusconi's divorce has dumped her boyfriend in a bust up over her relationship with the Italian PM.

Blonde Noemi Letizia has told how they rowed when her current love Domenico Cozzolino told her he had signed up for the new series of Big Brother.

Noemi is terrified of him blabbing further details of her special friendship with the playboy PM - and has accused him of cashing in on her fame, she told Chi magazine in Italy.

"I quarrelled with Domenico because of Big Brother. I'm having a very difficult time and he should have waited.

"I need to be able to trust the man at my side. So many people have betrayed me already," she said.

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