Amy Winehouse Abandons Performacne Halfway During St Lucia Comeback Concert

Amy Winehouse visits the London Clinic

Amy Winehouse made a disastrous comeback at the St Lucia Jazz Festival last night. The 25-year-old was forced to abandon her performance halfway after she was booed off the stage.

According to Dailymail, Amy Winehouse moved unsteadily and staggered around the stage. After she was helped to her feet, the Rehab singer went on struggling with her balance onstage and stumbled through the lyrics of her songs. Then the audience began to utter boos for her shambolic performance. Amy allegedly got angry and swore at the crowd with '**** you' while leaving the stage.

Amy's rep claimed that she abandoned the gig due to the weather - a torrential rain hit the island which caused technical difficulties.

But some onlookers claimed the troubled singer looked under the influence of something during the gig. They revealed that Amy left the stage because of the boos.

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