Gabriela: Cristiano Ronaldo's Girlfriend Gabriela

Cristiano Ronaldo has new Girlfriend called Gabriela
Cristiano Ronaldo pic (Azote/Flickr)

Gabriela: Cristiano Ronaldo's Girlfriend Gabriela! Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo, photo above, has a new girlfriend whose name has only one word, called Gabriela, aka Gabi. The 27-year-old beauty, from Brazil, is a gym instructor working in Sintra, near Lisbon. Gabriela and Cristiano Ronaldo met at a nightclub months ago, since then the pair developed steadfast affections. Cristiano Ronaldo invited Gabriela to the international friendly football match between Portugal and Finland in February. A jubilant Gabriela was seen waving Ronaldo poster when watching the game. After the match, Gabriela flied to England and stayed Ronaldo’s multi-million mansion for a whole week. Now a friend of Gabriela is saying, “They’ve ended up dating. He’s fascinated by her athletic body. She says he’s attentive and romantic.” However, we at RC are quite sure Gabriela wouldn’t be the one to whom Cristiano Ronaldo’d like to get married.

p.s. Ronaldo once bed a Brazilian stripper, also named Gabriela, in Italy.

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