Suraya Brown, Little Baby Girl Who Refuses to Grow

Suraya Brown, Girl not grow pic

Suraya Brown is a little and lovely baby girl from UK who seems to refuse to grow. Given the birth four weeks prematurely by mom Atlanta Ruzman 14 months ago, Suraya Brown now weighs only about 7 pounds, growing a mere 4.4 pounds more than her initial weight of 2.6 pounds.

Babies of the same age as Suraya should weigh at least 20 pounds.  Little Suraya Brown stayed at her birth weight for the first eight months and has only put on a small amount over the past six.

“She cannot sit, talk or crawl and she has to be fed through a tube to keep her alive. But she just hasn’t been putting on any weight." mum Altanta said.

“She is way behind other youngsters of her age and when they mark her growth chart they have to plot her off the graph. She is a just like a real-life doll. In fact my other daughter has a doll that is bigger than her.”

A group of specialists including paediatricians, nutritionists, geneticists and hormone experts have checked tiny Suraya, but no one could figure out what caused her staggering growth, instead, rather baffled.

Suraya Brown was alleged of suffering from some form of dwarfism, the test results were not positive. She has now been admitted to London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital where doctors will make further tests and investigate a theory that her body has become resistant to its own growth hormones.

[Source & Image: Mirror]

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