Kim Kardashian Facebook Girl, No!

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Kim Kardashian, the reality show Keeping Up with Kardashians star, is not a Facebook girl yet. She used to be a Friendsterer and now is a MySpace user. But Kardashian, who is in a relationship with American football star Reggie Bush, may soon go to apply one account from, because she has been annoyed by bogus claims concerning with her "Facebook Profile"

For the hundred thousand trillionth time I DO NOT HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!!!!

A blogger -- who obviously didn’t do his homework -- stated yesterday [Feb 2.] that my Facebook got hacked into and that my alleged account sent out an email blast to all my Facebook friends complaining about it.

I am so sick of people saying I got engaged because my Facebook profile says so, or I'm single now because my Facebook says so!

Call me old-school but I love MySpace and I used to love Friendster! Maybe I need to get a Facebook account to shut down all of these fakes!

Later better than never! Kim, you should act quickly to have a Facebook account, otherwise sooner or later, you will be pranked again.

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