Bonnie Lincoln (Pic) Is President Abraham Lincoln's Distant Cousin

Meet Bonnie Lincoln NBA New Jersey Nets team's first year dancer is President Abraham Lincoln's distant cousin.

Bonnie Lincoln's great uncle found out their family tree root and President Lincoln's shared the same one. Their ancestors comes from 17th century England and two brothers named John and Richard Lincoln.

Lincoln Babe Bonnie Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln descendant
Bonnie Lincoln Picture (Melanie Fidler/New Jersey Nets via CNBC)

Bonnie said President Abraham Lincoln was eight generations down from Richard, while she herself is 13 generations down from John. If this is true, the relationship effectively makes Bonnie and Abraham two distant cousins.

President Lincoln's last direct descendant was his great-grandson Robert Todd Lincoln [wiki] who was born in 1904 and died without children in 1985. Source: CNBC

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