Janet Brannon Is An Illinois Nude Bartender (Picture)

Janet Brannon is An Illinois nude female bartender! -- Janet Brannon, pictured here, was found nakedly serving the bar-goers during a tavern check by Illinois Jersey County deputies on the night of last Thursday. Janet Brannon is 33 years old, from Southern Illinois' East Alton.

Janet Brannon Illinois Nude Bartender image 
Janet Brannon was alleged of knowingly exposing her body with the intent to arouse or to satisfy the sexual desires of others by bartending nude at her place of employment.  (Thetelegraph.com)

Ben Goetten, Jersey County State's Attorney told The Telegraph that sheriff deputies were doing a routine check on the Cabin Tavern, located at 29150 Cabin Lane in Dehli at 4:49 p.m. September 18 when they walked in and found bartender Janet Brannon was nude while tending the bar.

Because she was the only bar employee working at the time and the owners had traveled outstation, the tavern was closed by the authorities.

Jannet Brannon was arrested on an outstanding warrant for not to appear in court and charged with a criminal misdemeanor charge of public indecency. She was released on a $8,000 bond.

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