Daria Zhukova, Roman Abramovich Girlfriend, Offered Amy Winehouse £1M for a Private Concert

Roman Abramovich Girlfriend Daria  Zhukova bikini photo 
Daria Zhukova, an ex-model, clad in a bikini (source: Metr.co.uk)

According to reports, Daria Zhukova, Roman Abramovich girlfriend, has offered the troubled British singer Amy Winehouse a lot of money up to 1 million pounds for a private concert this summer.

Roman Abramovich and Girlfriend Daria Zhukova photo
Contemporary Art Lovers: Daria Zhukova and billionaire boyfriend Roman Abramovich (Picture source: First Post)

Daria Zhukova, a 25-year-old former model, currently is transforming a 1920s Russian bus garage in Moscow to a contemporary art gallery which will be named the Center for Contemporary Culture. So she lined up the drug-addicted Rehad singer for a launch-night performance. Source: SMh

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