Shannon Kay Hrozek Is a Bad Teacher

Shannon Kay Hrozek picture 

Shannon Kay Hrozek, pictured here, is a 10th-grade English teacher at Spring Westfield High School. This faceless teacher who possibly  will be mistakenly believed as Alabama gymnastist Shannon Hrozek was arrested and charged with sexual assault of a child after she was caught over inside a darkened classroom performing oral sex on a male teenager of age at 16. 

From Houston Chronicle 

Shannon Kay Hrozek, 42, of Houston, was arrested after an assistant principal entered her 10th-grade English classroom after school on Thursday and found her performing oral sex on a 16-year-old male student, court records show.

The assistant principal used a master key to enter the classroom after a janitor informed him that a teacher and a student were in the room with the lights off.

From Khou (a video report there also)


According to court documents, she was caught by the school's assistant principal performing oral sex on a 16-year-old male student inside Classroom 143 at the high school.  ...

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office accepted sexual assault of a child charges Monday morning. Hrozek was being held in the Harris County Jail, but posted a $50,000 bond Monday night.

Do you Kay Hrozek  is even more worse than teacher Beth Ann Chester! #Tags: ,

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