Senator Hillary Clinton Won New Hampshire Primary

Senator Hillary Clinton won new hampshire primary

Senator Clinton speaks to her supporters in NH (picture via)

We don't care if the emotion helps our favourite 2008 US President hopeful Hillary Clinton win in New Hampshire. We just care her victory of 39% over Barak Obama's 36%, a victory more surprising than President Truman's in 1948. Johnyschad's words exactly express our respect toward the former First Lady:

Senator Clinton's loss in Iowa was an inoculation shot.  She took the loss with grace, learned from it quickly and used it to her benefit.  You see, Senator Clinton is authentic, committed and d*** good at what she does.  Like most women, she's tough.  Life provides a constant source of unanticipated events.  Her "emotional moment" is one of these.  She took that circumstance and made it work for her... she *made* a possible negative into a positive.  That takes considerable skill and fortitude, but it also takes heart.  She meant what she said that she's passionate about why she's running.  No one, not even she would be able to hold up to the rigors of the political road unless they were armed with that kind of passion.  Senator Obama's passion is expressed in words.  Repeatedly, Senator Clinton's passion is expressed in action.

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