New Palm Tree Species Found in Madagascar

 picture of new palm tree species found in madascagr

Palm Tree Tahina spectabilis (picture credit: AP via BBC)

A new species of giant self-destructing palm was found  in Madagascar by botanists from Kew Gardens of London. Scientists believe it is possible that the palm has quietly gone through a remarkable evolution since Madagascar split with India some 80m years ago.

The tree, which only exists in the remote north-west of the island country in Indian Ocean, is 20m (60ft) high with leaves 5m (16ft) long, the tallest tree of its type in the country, and has a lifespan of around 100 years.

In the living memory, the tree was never seen blossoming not until 2007. But botanist only found that the tree expends so much energy on flowering that it eventually collapses and dies.

The palm has been named Tahina spectabilis, which is Malagasy for "blessed" or "to be protected". It is also one of the given names of Anne-Tahina Metz, the daughter of Xavier Metz, a Frenchman who manages a cashew plantation in remote northwestern Madagascar and discovers the palm in 2006. Source: BBC

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