Lynsey Nordstrom Is Jessica Simpson Lookalike (Picture)

Jessica Simpson Lookalike Lynsey Nordstrom picture

Fake Jessica Simpson

Lynsey Nordstrom, pictured above, is a beautiful, 21-year-old nanny from Bothell, Washington State. Nordstrom, brought by New York Post,  looks very like Jessica Simpson , the actress who was blamed by fans for the loss of Dallas Cowboys after appearing to watch Tony Bono's game as his girlfriend on December 16. But now, even this fake Jessica Simpson enough to throw off Tony Bono's team on January 12. The appearance of Lynsey Nordstrom in the stands during the game of New York Giants vs Cowboys, had charmed the host team notching a stunning 21-17 victory, which led Cowboy's Terrell Owens crying at the post game press conference. Just can't believe Simpson and her lookalike Lynsey Nordstrom would be so omnious for the Dallas Cowboys. Source: Foxsports #Tags: ,,,

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