Kristy Lee Cook Is The Early Favorite of American Idol Season 7 (Photo and Video)

Kristy Lee Cook, a beautiful American Idol Season 7 contestant from Selma, Oregon, is the early favorite of the reality show. After attending audition in Philadelphia (video above) last night, number bloggers already poured down highly praised words to her.

From Box Office Psychics

After watching the first Episode  I think I already have an early favorite for this seventh season of “American Idol.”  Her name is Kristy Lee Cook and FOX were very smartly teasing the viewing audience with her audition. She eventually makes the Top 50 and I am sure (from the look on Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson’s eyes) that she will be one of their favorites.  (Although according to her MySpace page she has a boyfriend named Andy.)

Also, I loved the back story on her showing how she lives in Oregon, rides horses (sold a horse so she could audition in Philadelphia) and cage fights (does this mean she is a mixed-martial artist?)

Anyhow, her voice is lovely and so is she (she reminds me a lot of actress Kerri Russell.)-

american idol kristy-lee-cook photo


Kristy Lee Cook auditions in Philadelphia for American Idol 7. She said that she sold her horse so she could travel to Philly from Oregon (even if she had already moved to Texas “several years ago” according to her own website). She also does self-defense kick-boxing.

Of course, thanks to Google, we know that Kristy Lee Cook signed with Arista Nashville and Britney Spear’s production company Superstar Spears in 2001 when she was 17. She released a CD called “Kristy Lee” in 2005. She was managed by the former manager of LeAnn Rimes.

I think Kristy Lee Cook is pretty!


All-American and loves to ride bareback?  What is not to love about Kristy and her chances on Idol?

Good luck, Cook! You are our pick too!

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