Kady Malloy Is An American Idol 7 Contestant

Kady Malloy is an American Idol 7 contestant who does vocal impressions when auditioning (video here) in Dallas.  Malloy is 18 yeas old from Houston, Texas. Ken Barnes of USAToday writes:

Lots of bad auditions from mostly overweight guys close out the first hour's last segment. But here comes a cute teenager who does vocal impressions, Kady Malloy. Her Britney is worth the price of admission. On her own, she does Carrie's Before He Cheats, not particularly well.  Simon stops her mid-song and she segues to Unchained Melody, which is much better than the pale Carrie impression. Simon says she's the best, “Of all the people we’ve seen so far this year… you’re the best so far. Super, super talented.”. They all think she needs to sing in her own style.

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