Jana Shearer Was Murdered by Christopher Lee McCuin

Jana Shearer picture

Christopher Lee McCuin photo Jana Shearer, picture above, is a 21-year-old girl from Tyler, Texas. At nearly 6-feet tall with long blonde hair, green eyes and a bounce in her walk, Jana Shearer turned heads. But this bubbly blonde was murdered by her boyfriend Christopher Lee McCuin (picture left), a man who has been in and out of the Smith County Jail numerous times since 2000.

Jana Shearer is a beautiful woman who loved life and friends. She wanted to visit Paris; her favorite pizza topping was cheese and her biggest fears were fire and being alone.

“I get along with any and everybody! I have my own style and love life. We only live once so you got to give it all you got,” introduced Shearer on her MySpace page Jana Loves Life.

But now all her dreams were ruined by the felony Christopher Lee McCuin. He was so brutal --- he boiled Shearer's ear in a stovetop pan and raw flesh nearby plate and after he mutilated Jana Shearer. Source: Tyler Paper.com #Tags: ,

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