Hannah Hoax Mother Priscilla Ceballos Apologized

Hannah Hoax Mother Priscilla Ceballos picture

Hannah hoax is referred to the incident that a Dallas mother named Priscilla Ceballos helped 6-year-old daughter Alexis Menjivar win four Hannah Montana concert tickets by fabricating the story telling of her husband Jonathon Menjivar having died from a roadside bomb in Iraq in an essay contest. Now Priscilla Ceballos apologized for her misconducts, Mike Celizic, Todayshow.com contributor reported:

The Texas mother who helped her daughter win a “Hannah Montana” essay contest by making up a story about the girl’s father being a soldier killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq says she made a terrible mistake and hopes she can be forgiven.

“I meant no disrespect. I just made a bad decision which I sincerely regret,” Priscilla Ceballos told TODAY co-host Matt Lauer in a prepared statement she read from Friday. “I apologize to my daughter for getting her mixed up in his mess. I wanted to help my daughter realize her dream of seeing Hannah Montana. Instead, I brought so much negative attention to my family. Please accept my heartfelt apology, and please, do not punish my child for my mistake.”

Click here to read the full report; Click here to watch the video of Hanna hoax mother Priscilla Ceballos who is apologizing. Do you accept her apology? #Tags: , , ,

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