Hannah Gunterman McKinney Is a Mother Who Died in Iraq


Hannah Gunterman McKinney, picture above, is a 20 year old soldier who was killed in Iraq on September 4, 2006. She was then deployed at Taji, north of Baghdad, with the 542nd Maintenance Company, 44th Corps Support Battalion. The mother of a two-year-old son died due to crushed ribs, and a ruptured spleen. Her right side had the markings of an angular tire tread. The reasons of her death were that she was possibly sexually assaulted by Damon Shell, another serviceman in Hannah's battlion, and fell down from a guardtower.  But the Amy said she was hit by a vehicle. So Hannah Gunterman may die of crime, not accident! Click here to check the full article on Washington Post.

hannagunterman mckinney and husband, son photo

Hannah Gunterman McKinney with husband Chris and son Todd

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