Gabriela De Freitas Is Cristiano Ronaldo's Whore

Gabriela De Freitas

Gabriela De Freitas is a Brazilian stripper who works at the Divafutura Channel club in Rome’s red light district. The podgy-faced hooker is previously somewhat unknown but now catapulted to the international fame for her bedding with the current arguably most successful footballer, Manchester United's winger Cristiano Ronaldo. Responsible for her romping with Ronaldo, she has beenn fired by her employer. Excerpts from The Sun

Gabriela, who has butterfly tattoos on her shoulder, thigh and foot, smoked throughout a two-hour meeting with The Sun in Milan.

She revealed £100,000-a-week Ronaldo took off his religious Rosario necklace before romping. She said: “We took turns having sex with them. Ronaldo made lots of noises and seemed to have a good time.”

Winker Ronaldo jetted to Rome’s red light district after United’s FA Cup win over Aston Villa two weeks ago. He met the girls at the Divafutura Channel club where hostesses drape themselves over punters while strippers perform on stage.

He and the pal, in his 30s, bought them £120 bottles of champagne.

Ronaldo returned to the hotel alone before the girls got a cab back with his pal.

Gabriela said: “Ronaldo was standing outside his suite in a white hotel robe. He looked great and has a lovely body. One thing he did do was shave everywhere – there wasn’t a hair on his body.

“Within minutes me and my friend were pleasuring Ronaldo and his pal.”

The couples then paired off for romps before switching partners.

She added: “Ronaldo was naked on the bed waiting for me.

“To be honest it was an average experience with him. He was smiling a lot. I just couldn’t believe I was having sex with Ronaldo!

“Afterwards, he paid me in cash.” Gabriela has since been fired from the Divafutura Club for prostitution.

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