Dorothy Hamill Treated for Breast Cancer

Dorothy Hamill skiing picture

Dorothy Hamill, picture above (via), is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. The former Olympic gold medal figue skater is being treated at Johns Hopkins’ Kimmel Cancer Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

The prognosis is favorable, but the 51-year-old Hamill had to leave the starring role in the 19-stop national touring company of Broadway on Ice while she is having treatment.

She will possibly rejoin to rejoin the tour in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., where the tour stops on Jan. 16-17.

Longtime friend Dean Moye, a production manager for Cirque du Soleil, said Hamill decided to go public with her treatment because she wanted to be honest about her absence from the show.

We wish Hamill will go very well soon! Source: Boston Herald & Hotmommagossip  #Tags: , ,

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