Dixville Notch Favors Barak Obama Over Hillary Clinton

Dixville Notch Favors Barak Obama and John McCain

Dixville Notch, is a hamlet of about 75 near the Canadian border in the State of New Hampshire. The small town now has been shot to the fame because the first ballots of the first-in-the-nation presidential primary-- New Hampshire Primary-- were cast there. Its residents  seem not like the authors of RC who are the supporters of Senator Hillary Clinton, they favoured Barack Obama who score 7 votes in the Democratic contest. It's ok, after all, dozens of polls now showed Senator Clinton trail well behind Obama. So Hillary's crying (video below) is totally understandable.

In the meanwhile, we do hope Senator Barak Obama has a safe presidential campaign, as a lot of person already worry about the assassination on him. #Tags: , , ,

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