Alessija Dorfmann Kicked Out Army for Having Fake Boobs

Alessija Dorfmann, 23, is a German female recruit with a D Cup. Unfortunately, the woman was booted from army training because she had silicone breast implants.

Alessija Dorfmann... said: "I am devastated - it has always been my dream to be a soldier and have a great figure - and now my fake boobs have cost me my job.

"I could not stop crying when they told me. I wanted to work as an army medic and help save lives."

The brunette who earned the money for the boob job working as a carer in an OAP's home before joining the army has now appealed the ruling - and military chiefs have pledged to review the situation.

Army spokesman Harald Kammerbauer said: "The rule that was brought in because of the increased risk of an injury is under review.

"It was introduced more than a decade ago and it may be that it is no longer relevant in the modern army. In future we may be prepared to make exceptions."

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