10 Million Dollar Note Issued in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe 10million note

I'm having a dream of being a billionaire, but lacking of the brain of Bill Gates, Lauren Buffet, Sergey Brin, or Larry Page, there is no way to let me become such a rich man. However, now the opportunity seems to have come--go to Zimbabwe, a country where more than 20% of its population infected HIV/AIDS, with all of my belongings about 40,000 USD!

Thanks to the leadership of Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe now is the world's highest inflation rate, officially estimated at 25,000 percent annually (the real inflation may be closer to 150,000 percent).

In an effort to end chronic cash shortages and long, chaotic lines at banks and automated teller machines, Zimbabwe's central bank, Reserve Bank issued a note with the 10 million denomination (picture above), along with 1 million and 5 million Zimbabwe dollars bills.

The new 10 million note is the equivalent of about US $4 at the dominant black market exchange rate. So by changing my 40,000 USD to the local currency, I  could instantly become a 'real' billionaire by owning 10,000,000,000 Zimbabwean dollars! But with these money, I can only buy around 13,333 hamburgers there. Hehe, holy crap!

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