Nicolas Sarkozy Dating Carla Bruni?

Nicolas Sarkozy Carla Bruni picture 

Carla Bruni Tedeschi, a French-Italian supermodel, songwriter and singer. is one of the world's most photographed models, and one of the most financially successful. Carla Bruni was born in Turin, Italy, 23 December 1967, by 1988 was among the 20 highest-paid fashion models, earning $7.5 million a year. Her string of high-profile romances with rock stars Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton and tycoop Donald Trump also made her a regular in gossip columns. Bruni, after living with writer Jean-Paul Enthoven, fell in love with and married his son, philosophy professor Raphaël Enthoven, with him, she has a son, Aurélien, born 2001. Now French tabloid Lexpress is reporting that she is dating French President Nicolas Sarkozy who was divorced to second wife Celilia Sarkozy in October. Do you think Bruni would be envied by Laurence Ferrari? Tags: , , , ,

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