George W Bush Eye Color Is Blue

030114-O-0000D-001<br />President George W. Bush.  Photo by Eric Draper, White House.

USA President George Bush Picture (Wikimedia)

I am one of those who are curious at what is the President George W. Bush's eye color (hooray! the question was asked on on the new game show Duel on ABC earlier tonight). To answer my curiosity, by googling what is the presidential eye color on Google, I immediately got the answer, President George W. Bush eye color is blue, as also seen in the picture above.

A bonus, 9 other former Presidents' eye colors are also provided here:

Harry S. Truman: blue

Dwight D. Eisenhower: grey-blue

John F. Kennedy: greenish-grey

Richard M. Nixon: brown

Jimmy Carter: blue

Gerald R. Ford: blue

Ronald Reagan: blue

George H. W. Bush: blue

Bill Clinton: Blue

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