Some Japanese Preteen Junior Idols

Japan always has abundant child stars, especially young girl stars. There those girl stars have a special name U15, who normally made a debut at an age of 9 to 10 years old. They often pose in bikinis and other provocative clothing for photo spreads in magazines aimed largely at men. However, they do not pose nude or perform sexually explicit acts in the work. Other than Mao Kobayashi, below are some more:

Risako Sugaya, born at April 4, 1994Riho Iida, born on October 26, 1991Mirai Shida, born on May 10, 1993 Maki Horikita, born on October 6, 1988Azusa Hibino, born on July 26, 1990Yuzuki Hoshino, born on December 23, 1995Yuri Kojima, born on November 23, 1990Tsugumi Shinohara, born on March 10, 1993Takaou Ayatsuki , born on October 23, 1990Saaya Irie, born on November 15, 1993
Source: QQ

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